Frequently Asked Questions

A small selection of questions & answers that customers often ask.

Are treatment plans available?

Your treatment plan is dependent on what is found upon evaluation by the physical therapist. Treatment plans can vary from a one-off assessment to a weekly, fortnightly or monthly visit. Most clients like to make an occasional ‘top-up’ follow on session.

How many visits will I need to attend?

We recommend our clients have an initial series of three, four or five visits of up to an hour, but we hope to make a change from the first appointment. Sometimes one visit is enough to address most symptoms and align the body’s energy to get you ‘back on track’.

How can a physical therapist help you?

Patients can benefit from physical therapy for a variety of different reasons ranging from sports injuries to lower back pain, arthritis, vertigo and post stroke. They can treat patients who are recovering from fractures, joint replacements, amputations, or burns. There are PTs who specialise in paediatrics, geriatrics, orthopaedics, or women’s health.

How are physical therapies different with us?

Here at Midlands Holistic we work as a multidisciplinary team integrating physical therapy, Bowen Technique, massage, Yoga and Shiatsu. We find that the combination of the therapies and the other services we offer improves the outcomes you may gain. Treatment is varied based on individual clients needs.

Do therapies treat the ‘whole person’?

Our team approaches patient care as a “whole” person rather than treating “a body part.” On completion of the therapy chosen, we endeavour to provide you with a home exercise program. We believe you are an integral part of your own lifestyle balance.

Can I rearrange an appointment?

Yes. By prior arrangement with two days notice. Late cancellations may be charged, so please make a point in your diary.

Do you use oils?

Yes they are available, mostly used with our Ayurvedic massage.

Do you play music?

A selection of relaxing music is available if you desire a soothing background.