Life Coaching classes in Wolverhampton.

Motivational Coaching

Christopher Ion’s ’Motivational Coaching’ is a powerful tool for people who want to make important changes in their lives. Coaching is designed to teach people the self-assurance and capacity to move forward in a positive manner. There are many different reasons why you might feel the need to be coached: Getting balance in your life, coping with promotion at work or changing your career, redundancy or retirement. Perhaps there is a desire for greater confidence. For those times when you have to either let go of something, or maybe the starting of a new venture.

Chris’s motivational techniques help you identify your issues, and open up ways of selecting a solution to transform into a more constructive direction. Are you ready for change?

Phone Coaching

A wide variety of telephone coaching is offered by Christopher Ion, individually tailored to suit your needs. We start with listening to you and finding out about your goals, wants and needs. By creating your ideal plan we then conduct a thorough assessment that allows us to measure your progress and create your bespoke plan. Regular sessions always help to keep you focused, motivated and clear about your action steps, allowing you to continue moving towards your goals. Scheduled re-assessments allow you to see the measurable results and improvements that you’ve achieved so that you can celebrate your success, staying motivated along the way.

There are some excellent advantages and few distractions with telephone coaching. Time and money savings are obvious, for some feeling safe and relaxed in a familiar environment is the most attractive benefit.

Dream Building

Do you desire optimal health and well being, flexibility, freedom to make changes in your life. What is it that inspires you, what is it that you want to express? Is it more time, money and freedom? What do you long for? What is your dream? Christopher Ion will guide you, and will quickly begin to identify what you would really love to happen in your life. The power of the Dream building will allow you to make a profound and positive change in your life. Not just in the short term, but for life! As a result, discovering who you truly are along the way.

With Christopher Ion’s support and guidance you will think differently, act in a new way and begin to attract the resources, connections and ideal circumstances to bring forward a life you would love. The greatest investment you can make in yourself is your own personal development!