Ayurvedic Body Massage

Ayurvedic Body Massage

Ayurvedic Body Massage

Joshna offers Ayurvedic massage using specific oils that are chosen to suit your dosha. She is trained to focus on the "marma points" - similar to the pressure points in reflexology, acupuncture and acupressure. Ayurvedic massage helps promotes relaxation and better sleep whilst energise and improve overall well-being. It can boost the effectiveness of the immune system, also improves clarity of the mind.

This special massage provides you with relaxation, circulation improvements and elimination of toxins. If the Ayurvedic massage techniques therapy is applied regularly it can even help to rejuvenate the body.

With Joshna Patel

Therapy Prices & Special Offers

Therapy Prices

Taster Session   –  15 Mins / £20

Starter Session  –  30 Mins / £30

Detailed Session –  45 Mins / £40

Extended Session –  60 Mins / £50

Special Offers

4 or more block payments, £45 each